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Kino Udarnik, Maribor, Slovenia on 7th of April at 18h


From the data base of the video programming online platform ArtFem.TV, a monthly selection of works is screened at the cinema Udarnik in Maribor, Slovenia. The selection of works is chosen each month on an issue of contexts in the feminist field by Evelin Stermitz. During the year 2011 also FemLink is invited to screen their International Video Collages within the Cinéma Féministe screening program. Cinéma Féministe is a screening program curated by Evelin Stermitz and organized in collaboration with son:DA and Zavod Udarnik.


Program for April 2011

FemLink The International Video Collages: MALE

32 Videos, 61 Minutes


Video index in order of screening the international collage:


1.) WHAT A PIECE OF WORK, Grimanesa Amoros (Peru)

CREDIT:  Edited by Grimanesa Amoros and Cooper Miller


2.) NOTHING GETS CROSSED OUT, Myritza castillo-irizarry (Puorto Ricco)
The video Nothing gets crossed out proposes a portrait of a man in sports. The main character
in the video is a frustrated and pathetic man that we really don’t know but with whom a man
can be related to him in the real life. The piece shows the fragility and vulnerability of a figure
of a man. Men as a figure of perfection have been idealized since the Greeks. The perfection
and precision are two words that describe exercise, in this case tennis; the main character
never executed properly the exercise and finished it. At the end the character end it the game
of tennis in the most expected and common way, breaking the racquet. This shows an intrinsic
instinct of a barbaric brutality and violence of a trifling action.


3.) 40 WINKS, version 2, Darshana Vora (India)
A man on a pilgrimage to a holy mountain falls asleep and dreams, only to be woken up by
the sound of a child’s innocent question which becomes an existential inquiry in the context
of his journey.

SOUND CREDIT: Darshana Vora, & ‘One Minute Vacation’ website for one soundtrack.


4.) PLAY, Alessandra Arno (Italy)
This video investigates the human conditions, contradictions and unawareness. It can be approached according to several interpretations. At a first look, we meet a man gesticulating in an empty space, as if involved in a game, while a background of singing children can be heard…. In fact, we are facing a fomer khmer rouge who is re-acting the very same gestures he used to do in the jail where he was working in his youth. The sound we’re listening to is just the march of war usually sang by the children after being drilled to kill in the Cambodian fields.

A parallel does arise between the children’s games and the actual childhood of the ex khmer
rouge which was spent on committing the most heinous crimes with no consciousness at all.
The pictorial image of the video is a tribute to one of the few survivors, who was a painter at
the time and is now showing what was happening inside the killing fields of Phon Phen _ now
a Museum _during the Pol Pot age. “

S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine 2003
A Film by Rithy Panh


5.) SUS CARTAS / HIS LETTERS, Maria Rosa Jijon (Ecuador)
Riobamba, Ecuador, 1930, my grandfather dies into unclear circumstances, at the age of 23.
Year 1977, 44 years later, Laura Jimenez writes the poem SUS CARTAS, a loving homage to
my dead grandfather, whom she never married. Year 2008 this poem is brought to my mother
by the former housekeeper of Mrs. Jimenez, and then to my hands. A tribute to a man I never
met, my mother never loved, and this woman never had.

voice by: Marta Lucia Ramirez
poem by: Laura Jimenez
with: Gennaro Migliore
in memory of: my grandfather Fernando Calderon
special thanks to: Marta Lucia Ramirez, Sara Calderon, Beatriz, Laura Jimenez, Gennaro


6.) AN EXILE IN THE MIRROR, Vouvoula Skoura (Greece)
In a European country, a man in Exile…looking himself in mirrors…
‘’…seeing all you can of the exile, his dear face.
Perhaps, when you gaze, it will prompt you to say:
‘How far away our friend Ovid is from us!’’’
His portrait: The Metamorphoses

Cast: Chronis Pavlidis
Music: Petroloukas Chalkias
Editing: Stavros Giannopoulos


7.) AFTER WORK, Alli Savolainen (Finland)
A finnish man goes to his summer cottage to relax for a day
after working week in city:
woodwork – sailing – fishing – sauna – shaving – swimming.


8.) RAW FOLDS, Cagdas Kahriman (Turkey)


9.) MMMmmmany, Siti Almainnah Bte Ab Majid (Singapore)
Forming and constructing together, using the common staple of life out of dust which shapes
the innovators of the world. In towards perfecting man, a human being with much flaws and
characters in a man-eat-man world.
Placing in humour to making man, as a piece of cookie/cake as a symbolic act upon man
replacing the flesh with materials for his own agenda.
Surviving with a will of that of a bee or a pesky fly? Mmmm

Asyraf Bin Abdul Hamid


10.) LESSON nr. 4 and 5., Ana Husman (Croatia)
In this work I try to understand sport which is on Wikipedia defined
as: “Sport is activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and
often engaged in competitively.”

cinematographer: Ivan Slipcevic


11.) THE MAN, Maria Papacharalambous (Cyprus)
A short story re-told via old family a album in the abandoned family house. The is yet
unknown … as it should be!

Montage, sound mixing and editing : Achilleas Kentonis
Music: Maria Papacharalambous, Achilleas Kentonis
Production: ARTos Foundation


12.) THERE ARE CARICATURES…, Véronique Sapin (France)
I live in the Middle East and every days we can see in the media how the men, in this part of
the world, don’t understand and cant imagine that a man can be different than their
stereotyped ideas about man and his honour. They are bound by these stereotypes and they get
bogged down of them.


13.) Corps à corps, Chantal duPont (Canada)

With: Clément Picard
MusiC: Caleb Rimtobaye
Sound editing: Martin Hurtubise


14.) BONJOUR L’AMOUR, Sabine Mooibroek (The Netherlands)
A monologue of a man about his first love.

CREDITS: with Jean François Dieng


The man´s not verbal languague in the quotidien relation with the others

Idea y realización Susana Barbará
Performers: Jair Barbará, Philippe Dodin, Mauricio Federico, Carlos Gieco, Esteban Raffo,
Luis Sabattini, Horacio Sueiro, Horacio Travaglini
Edición de video: Marta Ares y Susana Barbará
Edición de sonido: Ezequiel Scillone
Traducción al francés: Philippe Dodin


16.) DREAM OF A MOMENT, Yun Aiyoung (Korea)


Appearance: Tsubasa Kitaouji- Haiku poet and womanizer. I think he is the Japanese Don
Jovanni. He told us about women at the Japanese style pub, and he had a long talk until late
at night…


18.) GENTLEMAN, C. M. Judge (USA)
The audience is greeted by 25 gentlemen.

Special thanks to the 25 gentlemen
Reggie Pineda, pianist
Jan Testagrossa
Dave Svens, FATV


19.) MAN, Prilla Tania (Indonesia)

20.) DEPRESSED TRIO, Rachida Azdaou (Algeria)
The dancer, Toufik Kara, improvise on projected shadows. In this closed space : the desire,
the violence, the fear. How the human being gives life to its incessant rhythms, to its
suffocated breath, to fight against the wall, the limit, the end.

Performance: Toufik Kara
images: Rachida Azdaou and Tarik Iles
Music: Arisk Priest


21.) FLUID FLUX, Evgenija Demnievska (Serbia)
This video captures my regard and memories of men I know, whether present or absent.

Participants: Leslie Anagnan, Gligor Atanasovski, Chan Kai-Yuen, Steve Kreisler, Jean-
Claude Martin, Georges Nadra, Racan Paljic, Reza Pourzand, Jovan Radinovic.
Technical support: Radisa Kostic


22.) WHAT DO WOMEN DO WHEN MEN GIVE BIRTH, Pélagie Gbaguidi (Benin)


23.) HOMME, Alena Kupcikova (Czech Republic)
He is a priority for us at any price,therefore we sacrifice and await to have it reciprocated….
Nevertheless all seems to be many times as if were invisible and forgotten…
Because we were born like the ones who knows solution always that is why we will forgive
again and again to be His priority and peer partner for agens..

Muzic by Jan Urban.




25.) THE BLUE MAN, Sabrina Montiel-Sotto (Venezuela)
With Marios Loannou


BACK YOU, Dorte Jelstrup (Denmark)
My video deals with the representation of the male nude in the classic medium of drawing and
from the point of view of a “feminine gaze” of longing and desire. In the act of drawing I
relate the male nude to the concept of beauty which is traditionally associated with femininity.
My video therefore tends to blur or subvert historically established notions of masculinity and
tries to materialise and underline new “feminine” ways of looking up on the male nude as an
object of longing and desire. My video also deals with a prior loss of the desired male nude
and points towards the feminine creativity and the formation of symbolic meaning in the act
of drawing as a possible compensation for the loss.


A film by Dorte Jelstrup
Directors: Dorte Jelstrup and Caroline Sascha Cogez
Editor: Caroline Sascha Cogez
Scenography : Dorte Jelstrup
DoP: Sebastian Winterø
Gaffer: Jacob Østergaard
Music: Dorte Jelstrup and Jens Runge
Producer: Dorte Jelstrup
Copyright: Dorte Jelstrup, 2009
Acknowledgments: Stage 7, UitchIscratch, Katja Phillip, Albert Elias Grøndahl, Timelines,
Anders Sune Berg and The National Workshops for Arts and Crafts
Supported by: The Danish Arts Council


27.) MALE, Yue Liang (China)
When a man looking at a woman, however old and young

Bafang, ChenXiaoFeng, Stranger


28.) THE PLAYER, Fatima Mazmouz (Morocco)
An inveterate player whose life turns around the plays of scraping.


29.) HOY HE ROTO TUS CARTAS, Jessica Lagunas (Nicaragua)
My grandmother reads a short poem called ‘Hoy he roto tus cartas’ (‘Today I tore up your
letters’) that she wrote in 1981, two years after she and my grandfather got separated. With
this poem she acknowledges that their relationship has ended.

‘Hoy he roto tus cartas’ (‘Today I tore up your letters’)
Video and edition: Roni Mocán
Translation: Joanne Morales
Special thanks to my grandmother Elsa.


30.) THE GAZE OF MEN, Mónica Dower, (México)
I handed my camera to 5 men (all artists) so hey could record for 20 seconds a portion of their
intimacy. J´ai donné ma caméra a cinq hommes (tous des artistes) pour qu´íls puissent filmer
20 secondes de leur intimité.

The five artists: Rafael Penroz, Marco Díaz, Rodrigo Quiñones, Byrt Wammack, Marcos
Gabriel Rámirez (Gabo)
Edition/Montage: Mónica Dower and Marcos Gabriel Rámirez.
Mérida Yucatán, 2009.


31.) HOME, Bill Kouelany (Congo Brazzaville)


32.) OD DADDY, Cecilie Dahl (Norway)

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