Animatekas video blog: Interview with Maya Yonesho

Posted: 16 decembra, 2011 in film, izobraževanje

Maya Yonesho leads the workshop at Festival Animateka in Maribor and led a similar one in Ljubljana. Tommorow at 11h you can see her works in Udarnik and at 19h at the closing ceremony you can see the end product of the workshop, an animated film about Maribor.

To put is simple Maya Yonesho is making abstract animations which is synchronized with music, sounds and landscapes. “I like to synhronize,” is her motto and as the theme of her workshop movies always appears the city itself in which the workshop is hosted.

She is Born in Hyogo, Japan in 1965, and is an animation director.

She has studied Visual Design and Animation at Kyoto Saga University of Arts. After working as an art teacher at a junior high school for 6 years, she returned to study Japanese painting and conceptual & media art at Kyoto City University of Arts and also worked for a children’s TV program as a clay animator. She made her first “abstract animated short film synchronized with 13 international languages under the theme “ we can understand each other without understanding each language” when has studied at Royal College of Art, UK as an exchange student. After receiving her MA of fine art (1998), she began making independent films include “believe in it” which has won the Excellence prize of Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan in 1998. She has stayed in Eesti Joonisfilm Studio,Estonia from 2002 to 2003 under Japanese Government Study Program for Promising Artists and Art Fellowships and has made “Üks Uks” with 8 Estonian bookbinding artists. She made a trailer of Tricky Women International Female Animation Festival in 2005. Her films has been shown at numerous international festivals and museums include Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Germany and Design museum in Estonia. She is also conducting various animation workshops.

“Wiener Wuast” was shot in Vienna with real view, with drawing in her hand. She has done workshop in the same way in Taiwan, Norway, Croatia, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Italy, South Korea, USA, Serbia, Latvia, Morocco and more. She named this project as “Daumenreise”. It will be continued as her life work. She has been a lecturer of Kyoto Seika University from 2000.

Filmography: introspection (1998), believe in it (1998), learn to love(1999), countdown(2002), Üks Uks (2003),  Wiener Wuast (2006), suvehetk (2011).


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